How to Care for Your Viking Wine Cellar

Like every item in the house, it is also advisable to take care of your Viking wine cellar and keep it clean and well arranged. As a wine lover, you know that your wine should be stored best at certain temperatures to taste better and have a long shelf-life.

And to keep your wine safe is to buy a wine cooler. Do you want to get a personal wine cooler to enjoy your wine better? Winecoolershop sells the best wine coolers at a very affordable price. For a wine enthusiast who owns a Viking wine cellular for his wine collection, you should know that you must care about your cellar.

The following are the ways to care for your Viking wine cellar:

1. Change your filter 

In some wine cellars, standard air filters are always available. These filters help keep the air clean within the cellar space and limit the amount of air that would come into the cellar. If the air going into the cellar is too much, it leads to higher humidity than it needs, leading to mold growth.

2. Clean drip trays

Most wine cellar comes with a drip tray that collects the excess moisture from the cellar. It is advisable to always check the drip tray to avoid excessive amounts of water. And also, make sure that the tubes are cleared to allow free flow of water to the tray.

3. Always wipe down the coil 

Most times, the condensing coil is always at the back wall of the wine cellar. Always check to wipe the dust to avoid any exterior damage to the coils and avoid damaging the compressor that helps the cellar keep warm at the ideal temperature for white wine or red, based on preference.

4. Clean the interior cabinet

In caring for your Viking wine cellar, it is important to clean the interior cabinet. Clean the cellar floor in case there should be excessive moisture build-up. Warm water should be used to clean the cabinet. Mild soaps and unperfumed can be used to clean.

5. Always check for mold and mildew

In all wine cellars, humidity helps keep the cork moist, but the humidity present in the cellar can cause mold to grow. If this is noticed, wipe it off with clean, soft material. But make sure to check properly, so it doesn’t reach the bottle label. Although mold does not affect the wine itself, make sure you check properly.

6. Ensure the wine cellar is at a consistent temperature

Maintaining a constant temperature is important to manage and care for your wine and the cellar. The ideal temperature for storing wine is between 45oF and 65oF. The ideal temperature for storing your white wine is between 45oF to 50oF.

Ensuring the wine cellar, the temperature is stable keeps the quality of the wine from diminishing.

In conclusion, to keep the quality of your wine from diminishing, you must care for your Viking wine cellar and enjoy your wine at its very best.