Why is Wood Fencing so Expensive?

Wood fences are popular for decorating outdoor spaces because they provide privacy, security, and aesthetic appeal.

Factors for calculating the cost of a wooden fence

Homeowners need to know a lot about wood fence decorative, especially when trying to estimate the cost of a new one. Below are factors that influence wood fence prices so homeowners can get an idea of ​​how much this project can cost.

Wood type

The fence types wood from which the fence is built plays a big role in the cost. Generally speaking, the more durable the wood species, the more a homeowner can expect to pay. For example, pine and spruce are relatively soft woods, costing less than mahogany and white oak. Additionally, some wood species are rarer than others, which increases the price: black locust, for example, is challenging to find and one of the most expensive types of wood fencing. The cost of each type of wood is explained in more detail in the section below.

Fence style, height, and length

Wooden fences come in a variety of styles, heights, and lengths, and the choice ultimately depends on each property and the homeowner’s personal preferences. Popular fence designs include privacy fencing, picket fences, and split rails, each detailed below.

Features of wooden fences

One of the most basic elements, for example, on a summer cottage, is the fence. Owners of private estates want to protect their properties with a fence that differs in appearance from their neighbors. This is not surprising, and with their exterior, “private owners” tend to be one-of-a-kind, so exclusive options are sought. Let’s look at the most common features of wood fencing:

  • Decorative form. Wood can be shaped into any shape. If you want, you can create a cartoon format; during the Olympic Games, not only were figurines of the Olympic bear extremely popular, but also carved Olympic symbols on fences.
  • Protective function. To protect your territory with a reliable fence, use a high fence with pointed tops. It is difficult to climb over such a barrier. It is not necessary to build a two-meter wooden fence; any type of fence prevents unauthorized persons from entering private territory.
  • Exclusive. You can create a real masterpiece of art from wood. If you want your property to have an exclusive fence unlike any other, use wood. The variety of options is impressive.

A wooden fence at chambleefence.com can be decorated with carvings of a unique design. To ensure that a wooden fence lasts longer and is not destroyed by fungus or wood bugs, it is recommended that the wood be treated with special solutions. An alternative to these solutions is varnish, paint, and drying oil, which contain wood-protective agents. In this way, the fence can be decorated and its service life extended.

Sealing, staining, and painting

Most wood fences, except composite ones, must be sealed to protect them from water and pests. In addition to the initial sealing, resealing will be required every couple of years as the paint or stain wears off. Since most people choose wood fences for their aesthetic value and the grain of the wood, a popular sealant option is a stain.